Sunday, January 6, 2008

Sometimes it sucks

Some of you may think playing cards for a living is glamorous, and so far I can't complain, but some days it just sucks. Today I log in and have problems finding three good tables so settle into two not bad tables and proceed to dump $818 in 179 hands. That's like 45 minutes.

Some of it was bad luck. Most of it really, because it would be nearly impossible to lose that much by bad play in that short of time, but some of it was because I was playing bad as well. I stopped playing because I recognized this and because I recognized a couple of my opponents taking shots at me when I don't think they normally would have. That's what happens when things are going bad, your opponents recognize it, maybe subconsciously, and begin to play better against you specifically.

I also timed out with JJ on a 8 high flop while talking to my friend on the phone like the huge donkey that I am. That doesn't help things much. Sigh. Well, at least now I have some time to work on my game away from the tables.


zenmaster said...

fight when full of energy,flee when drained of energy.

-Wei Liaozi

Jim Roy said...

Don't feel so bad, once I hit the fold button with a top set of Jacks.

by One-upper Jimmy