Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Biggest Pot

Now, this is a poker post but there isn't going to be any strategy and it's a pretty interesting little hand. I think it should be easy enough for anyone to read through it and maybe get a bit of a laugh. It's probably my biggest pot ever online (although, I'm not positive as I have taken a couple of shots at 30/60 in the past).

The game is 20/40 limit holdem over at Poker Heaven. Now, as I've said, 20/40 is not my regular game. It's a little big for me atm, but I couldn't find any good tables except these and I wanted to play. The games were good so I sat down and decided to only play two tables instead of the usual three so that I could focus on them.

Here's the hand. We are 4 handed and the first player open raises. He appears to be a little looser than I think he should be and fairly agressive, but I haven't played with him much so my read is not real accurate. Button seems like a bit of a donkey. Erratic raising, loose calling, playing too many hands, etc. Also, not exactly passive. The small blind folds and I'm in the big blind with pocket kings so I 3-bet. UTG 4 bets, which is the cap, and button calls so we see the flop 3 ways for 4 bets each (POT = 3x4x$20 = $240 + $10 (SB) = $250).

Flop is Jh 4h 2h. I do not have a heart so it's not a great flop for my hand, but I still have an overpair and therefor have to protect my hand as it's still probably best at the moment. I bet out, sort of hoping that UTG will raise me to shut out the button. Instead, UTG simply calls and button raises. Button could have a lone jack, or a lone heart, or some other weird hand like 2nd or 3rd pair so I really only have one play and that is to 3-bet. I'm now hoping UTG folds which he does, but button 4 bets, which now is not the cap. On this site, as soon as the pot gets head's up there is no longer a cap on the betting. At this point I'm pretty much calling down unless a heart comes and then I have a decision to make. (Pot = $250 + 2x4x$20 + $20 = $430)

Turn is a Kh. A mixed blessing. I have top set but there is a four flush. There are now 10 cards that can make me a full house or better (three 2's, three 4's, three jack's, and one king which will give me quads) so it's an easy call but is not worth a raise. I check, he bets and I call. (Pot = $430 + 2x$40 = $510).

River is 4c. BOOM! Full house. Do I check or bet? This guy obviously likes his hand and this card must seem safe to him so it's an easy check for me hoping that he bets. I guess a strong argument could be made for betting hoping he raises so I can three bet, but I decide to C/R.

I check. He bets (1). I raise (2). He reraises (3). I reraise (4). He reraises (5). I reraise (6). He reraises (7). Maybe he has quad fours? No, not yet, I reraise (8). He reraises (9). Yikes, this is a bit scary now... wait a minute... he's almost broke... I reraise (10). He reraises all-in for $12.69 more (11). (Pot = $510 + 2x$412.69 - rake = $1332.38)

Donkey has 9h 2h for the flopped flush, but on the river it's pretty janky. What a beautiful suck-out by me for... wait for it... tax free tons of cash! :)

Here is the official hand history for posterity:

BossMedia Game #911025400: Table Table TH 156 - $20.00/$40.00 - Limit Hold'em - 18:38:00 - 2008/01/15
Seat 1: tomasius ($1835.00)
Seat 2: CasaConcha ($2730.50)
Seat 3: calessi ($1470.31)
Seat 4: lowehjerte ($2860.44)
Seat 5: paonessa72 ($612.69)
CasaConcha posts the big blind of $20.00
tomasius posts the small blind of $10.00
paonessa72 is the button
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to CasaConcha [Kd Kc]
lowehjerte raises $40.00
paonessa72 calls $40.00
tomasius folds
CasaConcha raises $60.00
lowehjerte raises $80.00
paonessa72 calls $80.00
CasaConcha calls $80.00
*** FLOP *** [4h Jh 6h]
CasaConcha bets $20.00
lowehjerte calls $20.00
paonessa72 raises $40.00
CasaConcha raises $60.00
lowehjerte folds
paonessa72 raises $80.00
CasaConcha calls $80.00
*** TURN *** [4h Jh 6h] [Kh]
CasaConcha checks
paonessa72 bets $40.00
CasaConcha calls $40.00
*** RIVER *** [4h Jh 6h Kh] [4c]
CasaConcha checks
paonessa72 bets $40.00
CasaConcha raises $80.00
paonessa72 raises $120.00
CasaConcha raises $160.00
paonessa72 raises $200.00
CasaConcha raises $240.00
paonessa72 raises $280.00
CasaConcha raises $320.00
paonessa72 raises $360.00
CasaConcha raises $400.00
paonessa72 goes all-in with $412.69
CasaConcha calls $412.69
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot $1332.38 | Rake $3.00
Board: [4h Jh 6h Kh 4c]
tomasius won ($0.00), mucks
CasaConcha won ($1332.38), showed [Kd Kc]
calessi won ($0.00), showed [ER ER]
lowehjerte won ($0.00), mucks
paonessa72 won ($0.00), showed [9h 2h]


clarkeellis said...

yes yes, that's right, tax free tons of cash....you're getting it now ;)

buck said...

so what's it called when I lose $2400 on the day?

That's right - biggest pot ever = huge losing day. Go figure.

zenmaster said...

No snowflake ever falls in the wrong place

buck said...

Snowflakes don't buy me cornflakes.