Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Contest

So, I'm still running like shit. Nothing new there. I did have one really good day, but dumped all of that back this morning running at -30BB/100 for 250 hands of 15/30 for a -1900 session. Oh well, at least I'm not working.

My rakeback provider is currently having a contest. Actually, it's three separate contests. Actually, it's the same contest at three different locations.

February 1st through 10th - Absolute Poker
February 11th through 20th - Ultimate Bet
February 21st through 29th - Cake Poker

During the above dates, at the specific site mentioned, my rakeback provider is giving away $3000 to the 20 people with the highest MGR at that specific site. I forget what MGR stands for, and don't want to look it up, but it is the amount of rake a player generates for a site. I don't play at Absolute Poker, so I didn't have a chance at that one but I figured I had a reasonable chance at Ultimate Bet so I set my mind to winning this contest. First prize is $900, and since I'm going to be playing anyways, it really is free money. Just in case it doesn't work out, I should mention that second is $600, and third is $450.

After the first day the results were:
1. 370'ish
2. 320'ish
3. 280'ish (me)

but, I had played a lot of hands late at night that I knew weren't counted in this set of results so I was optomistic that I would be ahead the next time results were posted. Those results have just been posted so after two days it's now:
1. 796 (me)
2. 665
3. 647

So it looks pretty good for me so far.

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